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About Digital Art / Professional Core Member Natasha SoglinFemale/United States Groups :iconlonglivetheking: LongLiveTheKing
and all his creations!
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My Characters


Almost F9229 by TotemSpirit
Almost's Tracker
Maybe 9930 by TotemSpirit Nox 9861 by TotemSpirit
Maybe's Tracker || Nox's Tracker
Martha Jean 10521 by TotemSpirit Beetlejuice 10769 by TotemSpirit
Martha Jean's Tracker || Beetlejuice's Tracker


Candle Abra: A Guide by Lachtaube Dovetail: A Guide by Lachtaube
AMA: Candle Abra by Lachtaube AMA: Dovetail by Lachtaube
| gift | Clear-Cut Reference Sheet by ArcadianPhoenix

My OCs

Paarlei, Quoxwood, Ubu, Emsohl, Vihrea



Almost's fourth Rite of Dominance will be literature and you WILL read it. ヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ 

41 deviants said o-okay..
Winner gets PoTL AND odd pup if there is one, of course! I will provide Fertility Supplements. Winner will post the breeding.

The Raffle

  • Art and Lit are equally accepted!
  • This is not an HP-specific raffle (though my other Tokotas could sure use it hah.) This is an 'activity' raffle. Possible activities include: Hunting, fishing, exploring, caving. That means you should follow all activity rules!: How to Hunt | How to Fish | How to Explore | How to go Caving
  • Draw any one of my Tokotas (it doesn't have to be Almost!) participating in an activity. However...
  • I don't want to be the sole beneficiary of all your hard work! YOU MUST INCLUDE at least one of your own Tokotas, so you can benefit from the activity and HP too!
  • You may only enter ONCE. One entry per person = one ticket per person!
  • Collaborations ARE accepted, each participant will earn one ticket.
  • Commissions are NOT accepted O:<
  • If you are already doing hunting/exploration/fishing/etc. pieces for someone, you must link to written permission from the original user stating it's ok to include my Toko/s in their piece, when you post the entry.
  • Tokotas listed below. Their 'specialties' are simply based on their personalities and serve no purpose other than to provide a recommendation for activities/matching up with your own Toko. No rules/limitations except Almost CAN NOT go fishing without a life jacket
  • Comment on this journal with your entry to be counted
  • (If you already owe me art for genos, sorry but you can't use those as an entry, it has to be a new piece XD)
  • END DATEFeb 29

    Tickets Given Out: 14

Tokotas to Draw

Almost F9229 by TotemSpirit
Specialties: Hunting small game, exploring, caving
Items/Companions: Cleverness II trait (hunting); Flint Arrows (hunting)
Bright Flashlight (exploring); Dancer Companion (exploring); Deer Companion (exploring)
:new: Carbon Fiber Rope (caving), Head Lamp (caving).

Maybe 9930 - Tracker
Maybe 9930 by TotemSpirit
Specialties: Hunting large game
Items/Companions: None
Nox 9861 by TotemSpirit
Specialties: Fishing, hunting large game
Items/Companions: None

Martha Jean - 10521 Tracker
Martha Jean 10521 by TotemSpirit
Specialties: Hunting all-sized game
Items/Companions: None

Beetlejuice - 10769 Tracker
Beetlejuice 10769 by TotemSpirit
Specialties: None because he's a lazy oaf
Items/Companions: None

:new: ACCEPTED~ Awaiting upload :new:
Janus - ACCEPTED by Lachtaube
Specialties: Fishing, Exploring
Items/Companions: None

Handler (required for exploring & caving)

Avalik - Tokota Handler (UPDATED) by Lachtaube

I am in a Tribe!
Only Issorartuyok tribe members eligible for benefits will receive +2 HP for including my Toko/s

Some things you should know for breeding:

Almost F9229 by TotemSpirit

Breeding to a Tokota with Dwarfism

  • With normal Tokotas: Tokis can crossbreed freely with standard Tokotas, and the mutation has around a 10% chance of passing on to offspring.
  • With dire Tokotas: At this time because of unknown health hazards and the preservation of dire blood, Tokotas with dwarfism cannot crossbreed with Dire built Tokotas.
  • With another Toki: Toki x Toki breedings will result in all Toki pups (proof)

    Almost's Relevant Breeding Information

  • Genotype: ee/aa/TT/nM/nA/nBl/nSd
  • Phenotype: *Marked tundra with accents, blanket, and saddle (*See next section)
  • Gender: Female
  • Mane type: SPHINX. To get a chance for a Sphinx pup, you will need to breed another Sphinx or Half-mane.
  • Traits: Cleverness II: Only applies to tokotas with dwarfism: 50% chance to retrieve up to three extra pelts while hunting small prey. (Hare, fox, birds, etc) -- Almost is NOT the only Toki with Cleverness II Trait
  • Companions: None relevant for breeding. I am not planning on adding any breeding-related Companions to her.
  • Litter size: At average, 1-4 pups per litter (at least 2 if you are Prestige Breeder.) I am currently working on her RoDs, I highly suggest you wait until she is Dominant before using her slot.
  • Bonus: This is not at all relevant but Almost was the very first Toki! ;w; Keep in mind that there ARE CURRENTLY OTHER TOKIS, and there WILL be AT LEAST 11!! She is NOT your only chance for breeding a Toki! THEIR NUMBERS WILL ONLY GROW OVER TIME!

    Chest Marked

  • Will pass to pups: The marked on her chest is a trait inherited from Balan. Because it is expressed in her design, her pups CAN ALSO EXPRESS this unique marking (without having extended marked mutation.) Proof.

As Of Late...

Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir

Commission Info

Commissions: Closed
Trades: Closed

Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke

People I'm waiting on
(only for my memory.)

:iconka-samy: - upload point commission of Candle Abra
:iconlover-of-piez: - Four class activities for 1 geno
:iconsanguine-tarsier: - Two pairs of class activities for 2 genos
:iconfrostkruger: - 30 HP payment for YCH (dream toki)
:iconbrok3nd0ll: - 30 HP payment for pied design
:icondesertfloraa: - 120 HP payment for geno
:iconabusedcs: - 80 HP payment for geno

People waiting on me

:iconbrielleo: - drawing of Boreas [Sketched]
:iconkatakire: - drawing of Sashimi
:iconanilox: - Scene thumbnail sketches
:icontree-kangaroo: - RoDs for Ea 8000 [Sketched 4/5]
:iconkaraskakalac: - AoAs for Nui [ Done ]
:iconrequay: - AoAs for Kaskae


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Thank you for the llama badge.
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Love your work with Almost and all your characters. :D
Just had a quick question, would it be alright to do a bit of 'fanart' for Almost? I have a cute idea but wanted to ask first. 
Have a nice day
Lachtaube Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
I'm flattered! And I could never say no to art of Almost or any of my characters, it's always so enjoyable to see them in so many different styles ^^
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Thanks for the fav e3e :heart: 
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Crissiesaurus Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Almost is so adorable! I couldn't resist :heart:
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